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At Himalayan Routes, we are a travel company dedicated to creating exceptional and unforgettable travel experiences. Since our establishment in June 2014, our primary goal has been to provide travelers with the best possible journey while considering their interests, comfort, taste, and budget.

We understand that each traveler is unique, with different preferences and expectations. That’s why we take great care in curating our itineraries and selecting accommodations that reflect the character and essence of each destination. From handpicked hotels that offer luxury and comfort to unique homestays that provide an authentic cultural experience, we strive to create a diverse range of options for our clients.

We believe in the transformative power of travel and encourage our clients to immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings. Whether it’s camping under the starry Himalayan sky or embarking on thrilling adventures like trekking or paragliding, we offer a variety of activities that cater to all kinds of adventurers.

Our team consists of passionate travel enthusiasts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that every aspect of your journey is seamless and enjoyable.

When you choose Himalayan Routes as your travel partner, you can expect personalized attention, attention to detail, and a dedication to making your trip truly special. Let us take care of the logistics while you focus on creating lifelong memories. Book your next adventure with us today and embark on a remarkable journey with Himalayan Routes.”


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About Himalayan Routes Camp

“Discover the Magic of Himalayan Routes Camp at Sarchu: A Journey to Remember”

Welcome to Himalayan Routes Camp at Sarchu! Our camp is nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, offering an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

At Himalayan Routes Camp, we have curated a haven where tranquility meets adventure. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service and ensuring your stay with us is nothing short of remarkable.

Immerse yourself in the majestic landscapes as you embark on thrilling outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and adventure sports. Our experienced guides will lead you through picturesque trails, allowing you to connect with nature in its purest form.

Indulge in delectable local cuisine prepared by our skilled chefs, showcasing the flavors and traditions of the region. Relax in our comfortable accommodations, designed to provide a cozy and peaceful retreat amidst the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Whether you’re seeking solitude, adrenaline-pumping adventures, or cultural exploration, Himalayan Routes Camp at Sarchu has something for everyone. Get ready to create lifelong memories and embark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of the Himalayas.

Book your stay with us today and let us be your gateway to an enchanting Himalayan experience!”

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Experience the Difference: Reasons to Travel with Us

Certainly! Here are ten reasons to travel with us:

1. Expertise: Our team of travel experts possesses in-depth knowledge and experience to craft exceptional itineraries and provide valuable recommendations.

2. Personalization: We understand that every traveler is unique, and we pride ourselves on tailoring trips to your specific preferences, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

3. Hassle-free planning: Leave the planning to us! We handle all the logistics, from flights and accommodations to transportation and activities, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

4. Exclusive access: Through our extensive network of partners, we provide access to exclusive destinations, events, and experiences that are not easily accessible to the general public.

5. Local insights: We believe in authentic travel experiences, and our local guides offer insider knowledge, allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture, history, and traditions of each destination.

6. Safety and security: Your safety is our top priority. We take necessary precautions, work with trusted suppliers, and ensure all aspects of your trip meet high safety standards.

7. Customer support: From the moment you start planning until you return home, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns you may have.

8. Value for money: We strive to offer great value for your investment. Through our industry connections, we negotiate competitive rates without compromising on quality.

9. Sustainable travel: We are committed to promoting sustainable travel practices by supporting local communities, minimizing environmental impact, and encouraging responsible tourism.

10. Memorable experiences: Ultimately, we want your trip to be filled with unforgettable moments that create lasting memories. From breathtaking landscapes to unique cultural encounters, we ensure every aspect of your journey is extraordinary.

These reasons reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences tailored to your needs while ensuring your safety, satisfaction, and enjoyment throughout the journey.

Meet Our Dynamic Team

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Our team consists of highly skilled and motivated individuals who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the table. We work collaboratively, leveraging our strengths to achieve common goals. Together, we strive to deliver exceptional results, fostering innovation and maintaining a positive work environment.

 We specialize in offering a wide range of holiday tour packages, including camping, adventure activities, day trips, hikes, and nature walks. We strive to create the most enjoyable and suitable experiences for our customers. Don’t hesitate any longer – book your holiday with us today and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

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